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Catchment Models

Convenience Service Locations

  • Convenience Clusters is a dataset of more than 31,000 convenience service locations across the UK. These range from locations with a single convenience offer (such as stand-alone convenience stores) to small clusters of outlets (such as neighbourhood shopping parades) through to larger destinations (such as major city centres).
  • The clusters provide distinct geographic locations, with each cluster being uniquely named, coded, and referenced by postcode. In addition, clusters are attributed according to which services are available.
  • Convenience Clusters is built using a variety of input datasets including up to date lists of retailers, banks, pharmacies, post offices, transport stops and other points of interest.
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Key Uses

  • Understand the locations of your existing convenience portfolio.
  • Identify potentially suitable new locations.
  • Understand what services are already available at venues, and use these as candidate locations for new or additional outlets and services.


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