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Digital Map Data

Drive Times (INRIX)

  • INRIX provides traffic services within the UK and Ireland. The unique INRIX Smart Driver network aggregates traffic-related information from a growing community of over 100 million vehicles – the largest driving community in the world.
  • INRIX data is then further processed by CACI's Data & Logistics Division so that it can be used to calculate drive time information and for use in vehicle routing and scheduling (VRS) systems.
  • INRIX UK & Ireland Road Speeds can be used to provide speed and traffic volume attributes to clients' preferred road network. Clients can choose between averaged speeds across the week, on weekdays or just weekends, with additional filters available for vehicle type and times of day, including on- or off-peak times.
  • The INRIX Traffic Volume Index is derived from billions of GPS sampled points from vehicles on the move. The dataset indicates the relative volumes of moving vehicles on each street and minor road in the UK and assigns them to one of 16 different traffic volume categories.
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Key Uses

  • Showing the relative volume of moving vehicles on each street in the UK & Ireland.
  • Routing and scheduling as well as route plan optimisation and estimating delivery times.
  • Planning service level agreements.
  • Analysing traffic volume in conjunction with other data to identify optimal sites for retail locations.
  • Identifying likely high-traffic stretches of road, in order to identify alternative routes e.g. for emergency vehicle routing.
  • Understanding likely flow and volumes of traffic to assist in urban planning.
  • Assessing traffic footfall to understand suitable outdoor advertising opportunities.


Restrictions of Use

Clients require a licence to the corresponding road data to utilise INRIX UK & Ireland Road Speeds.