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Catchment Models

Future Retail Catchments

  • Centre Futures is a gravity model that predicts future catchments, comparative goods expenditure and residential shopper populations for retail centres across Great Britain, as a result of planned developments.
  • In order to accurately reflect the future retail landscape, CACI maintains a database of future retail developments due to be completed in the next ten years. Their assumed size and attractiveness is then used to model the impact on existing retail catchments/flows of spend across the UK. 
  • The increase in retail and catering space added to each Retail Footprint centre is converted into a Retail Footprint score based on the type of retail environment.
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Key Uses

  • View shopping catchments up to ten years into the future. 
  • Used as the basis of what-if modelling and future development scenarios.
  • Assess the impact of pipeline schemes on your catchment.
  • Measure the impact of new transport schemes and housing developments. 
  • Unique insight into the changing retail landscape to identify key trends and changes.
  • Takes into account relocations of brands within shopping centre developments.


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