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Catchment Models

Retail Centres & Catchments

  • Retail Footprint is CACI's gravity model that defines catchments and calculates comparative goods expenditure and residential shopper populations for over 4,500 retail centres across the UK.
  • Each retail centre is uniquely assessed by combining all the factors that affect performance, including the quality and quantity of retail provision, centre function, and level of competition.
  • The use of aggregated mobile phone location data, credit and debit card data from a leading bank and extensive face-to-face research gives a unique perspective on the shopping patterns of consumers rather than relying on self-completed surveys.
  • The retail provision in each centre is broken down into 'premium', 'mass', and 'value'. 
  • The Retail Footprint database summarises all this information as well as the potential expenditure for each centre, with a breakdown of residential, worker, tourist and online, giving users unparalleled access to robust and detailed retail centre information.
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Key Uses

  • To see the size and extent of shopping centre catchments.
  • To estimate available expenditure in each centre.
  • To understand the demographics of each centre’s catchment
  • Assist in location planning decisions and aid optimisation of a retailer’s portfolio.
  • Assess market share and store performance.
  • Understand overlaps and cannibalisation between store and centre catchment.
  • As the basis for ‘What If’ modelling - to understand the impact of changes to centres using CACI’s Spatial Modeller software.


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