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Digital Map Data

Road Routes & Navigation (HERE)

  • HERE is a global mapping provider whose dataset contains detailed routable streets with a comprehensive choice of navigational detail. Data includes achievable speed ranges, driving restrictions (one way streets, access restrictions, toll booths) and information about the type of vehicle (bus, car, taxi or pedestrian) to which these restrictions apply.
  • The digital map data includes cartographic details such as rivers and towns, together with points of interest and detailed address range information.
  • Aside from drivetimes and backcloths, HERE also provides speed limits, physical truck restrictions, traffic patterns, geocoding and traffic flow data.
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Key Uses

  • Put your business data and customer information onto the map
  • Gradient and slope information for route planning
  • Creating sales territories
  • Profile drive-time catchments around sites
  • Can be linked to INRIX speed data


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